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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,680

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Gym Jorden needs to be WARNED one LAST time

No more talking after gavel is struck! If he continues he should lose his questioning time!

Your thoughts here please.

After these hearings, it looks like the House is considering possibly calling OTHER witness's. Now this i'm sure won't be easy. You think courts will have to decide the subpoena issue? How long a fight will the house have in the courts? This could drag this out during election year, (which i DO NOT CARE if it does) IMPEACHMENT front and center the election year i think would be to our advantage. (could be wrong here, but that's how i feel) I fully agree with the House decision IF they choose to call everyone they want. Hell the way the hearings are going is GREAT!

Thinking here.

Ok we have been discussing different possible scenarios here. 1( tRUMP wiil resign medical reasons. 2)If he's impeached. Now i'm thinking if he resigns, pence becomes president. The house has to pass by majority vote to accept his VP pick. So while this is going forward, why couldn't the house go ahead and impeach pence?( he's been mentioned by Sondland) With NO VP, Nancy would become president right? How would this play out? ( i know the senate AGAIN will not impeach pence) BUT could make an interesting 2020 election. Would be the same if he's impeached as well. Any thoughts on this?

Just wondering if

Any of these witness's have been contacted by anybody since their closed door testimony?

Possible nightmare scenario? help me out here please!

I'm very worried that tRUMP could resign for medical reasons. (i believe under NO circumstances does he want anyone to see his taxes) i'm thinking his lawyers are telling him he will lose the taxes lawsuit. Now can someone clarify what would take place if he were to resign under these conditions? pence would become president. Would the House lose all chances of investigating the tRUMP family? What are OUR options here? TY

Question on SC and tRUMPS taxes

Surely the SC judges are aware of ALL that is going on with taxes fiasco. Now, are they allowed to even discuss it among themselves BEFORE deciding to hear it? Just curious here. (i'm thinking it's impossible NOT to discuss it)

THANK YOU to ALL the threads on the inquiry

clap: :

Just thought i saw gym jacket off jorden reach over to shake hands with a fellow RETHUG

After he entered numerous articles without objection. ( But not sure who that was) Just shows THEY ARE PLAYING FUCKING GAMES HERE!

Question on Stone verdict.

If tRUMP pardons him, can the HOUSE call him back AGAIN? and would they?

After this testimony The courts should AGREE to whatever the house requests

To REMOVE ALL the piece's of shit from our whitehouse, and congress!
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