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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,131

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I'm all for 12 foot x16 foot Mcconnell signs all over that says

TRAITOR to our country!! LET THEM VOTE!!!

Quick question about Emergency order by RUMP

If Rump does impose National emergency, WHO will file with the courts to fight his order? TY in advance!

Anybody here feel like i do that ONE indictment (RUMP JR.) would start the pardon process?

Or anyone in RUMPS family!

I'm feeling more and more that PUTINS plans are to take America down the road to a

Civil War! Divide and Conquer! This has been planned years back. Taking back the house was OUR chance to fight this plan. RUMP and TURTLE (and RETHUGS IN CONGRESS) continue with Putins bidding. Mueller is probably trying to figure out the PARDON problem. The SC will come into play at some point i'm sure. Be ready to fight!!!!!

Almost thinking here, that MItch Turtle should be the FIRST one

The house calls on to testify!!!!!

One thing Rump is really good at is

Pissing me off EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would be wrong with The RUMP family being the House's FIRST target AFTER

dealing with opening the government? SON,DAUGHTER, SON-in-law and on and on! The whole bunch of them. This i think would get to RUMP more than anything.

Does the new House have any authority investigating if RUMP is fit for office?

RUMP rattles on and on and most of the time he makes no sense at all!!!

Two years until election. WHY are we beating each other up??

I wish we would be discussing lots of OTHER problems. Divide and conquer will only work if we let it happen!!!

RUMP will soon witness how the POWER of

The Democratic House operates!! (HE has no idea)
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