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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,712

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There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Barr

Would STOP this impeachment IF he could. Thank God he has NO POWER here!

Looks to me like the senate trial could (if the senate rethugs over rule Roberts)

Change from the presidential obstruction of congress to the senate obstructing their own congress!

Basically the impeachment vote is your choice.( to the RETHUGS) Either



Surely Condemn EVERY rethug that votes to support tRUMP in the senate and house! (problem is they don't give a rat fuck) UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE!

The Rethugs say tRUMP is the chosen one. (here's my thoughts)

Any fucking body will look like the chosen one IF they have a AG, SENATE, NRA, FOX news (every lying fucking republicon) and possible SC protecting their ass! Just saying!!

Question to the lawyers here

What options does the House have concerning nunes? Can the House vote on a rule to shut off his microphone? The rethugs determine who is on their committees BUT surly he should be RECUSED!

Using Senate Rethuglicon rules, views and talking points

HITLER would NOT be impeached IF he were in office today! (tRUMP is our HITLER)

Simple question about this whole fucking mess.

Is tRUMP using the rethugs or are the rethugs using tRUMP?

Just thinking how important the impeachment is to us.

Put yourself in the country of Ukraine! WOW lot at stake for them! If tRUMP wins they will be thrown to the wolves. (RUSSIA)

Question on senate trial

The senate establishes the rules, so could they allow tRUMP to testify WITHOUT cross examination from ANY Democrat? (hope not)
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