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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,087

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A wild question here! OK what if the sergeant at arms was sent to arrest BARR and

They resisted and the officer (sergeant of arms) was wounded? Any additional charges for BARR? (resisting arrest and or others)

A thought here. Is it possible the HOUSE is deciding if it will be better

To let NY State charge the RUMP family? Then impeachment later?

With not understanding the whole process i'm wondering if the House could hire Mueller to

Help with IMPEACHING BARR? This possible? or not a good idea?

One question for Mueller is

Would you have indicted tRUMP, if it were not for the D.O.J. policy, You cannot indict a sitting president?

I'm sure Barr DID this but

Is there anything illegal if Barr shared with tRUMP about the 14 or so sealed Mueller cases?

My question is Where the fuck are all the RETHGUGS that stated Mueller was a GREAT PERSON?

Now that he doesn't AGREE with RUMPY'S They are forsakeing him! THEY do not want to hear what he has to say! MSM need to talk EVERYDAY about this BULLSHIT BURR report!!!

We have to have faith in our leaders! They will prove BEYOND doubt that

Muellers investigation was SHUT DOWN! I believe There is limited things the House can do. (i hope they choose to impeach BARR at some point here) After Mueller testifies MAYBE there will be more they can do. Bottom line is VOTE VOTE VOTE may be our ONLY option. WE cannot BLAME our leaders THAT'S for sure! Tough fight ahead but i really believe we will clean house in 2020!

Those in the know. One question please.

Could the House request fast tracking anything to the SC?

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!! It's here! My question

Will the Senate RETHUGS protect BURR from impeachment? WHEN they do what is our next step?

Still not clear to me here. Did Mueller end his investigation? OR

Was he asked to end it? In my mind i have a picture this picture. Barr to Mueller, Did you find anything against tRUMP? Mueller to Barr not yet. Barr to mueller TIMES UP! Am i right on this line of thinking?
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