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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,562

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Just wondering why isn't it possible for Mueller to answer the ONE big question

Did ANYONE stop your investigation?

In my eyes, the house RETHUGLICONS

Threw Mueller under the bus with the NO vote to charge BARR with contempt!

Could NY state subpoena Mueller?

THEN provide info to the House?

Maybe someone can help me here about tRUMPS taxes.

Even if there is no proof of breaking any laws, why cannot he be charged with LYING on ALL his loan papers? (lots of them i'm sure!)

Is everybody ready to scream at their TV when (House contempt hearing)

The house RETHUGS speak? MY MUTE button will be very handy today!

The House needs to find out HOW tRUMP was able to do this

For so many years! THIS is bullshit.

After THIS TAX info how could they

Justify NOT RELEASING his taxes? Totally corrupt government today!! (RETHUG side ofcourse)


Can fines imposed by the house be pardoned? Can tRUMP do ANYTHING about the house imposing fines?

The rethugs in the senate stated before, they want Mueller to FINISH his investigation BUT

If Barr stopped the investigation, we need to get these assholes on record that this is being allowed to stop!

Any thoughts on this?

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