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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,562

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Just thinking here,What ever happened to Allen Weisselberg?

I was hoping for his testimony.

Just one question from someone (myself) that does NOT completely understand the process

Can the House request the courts for an EMERGENCY hearing for the subpoenas used on the TYPE of witness's they are going to be calling? TY

I see the Dems. hands completely tied with the rethugs power grab.

Nancy is trying to do EVERYTHING possible in my eyes! I hear a lot about inherent contempt. I've googled it, and i'm not clear on how they could use it. Does the house have to follow certain procedures BEFORE using it? Also will this type of contempt actually be something they SHOULD try? I do have full trust in the House, but i guess i'm just thinking out loud. Is VOTE VOTE VOTE our ONLY way out of this RETHUGLICON mess? Maybe someone could explain EXACTLY what using INHERENT CONTEMPT would do if anything. It is hard seeing these assholes continue COLLUDE and OBSTRUCT EVERYDAY. (BLATANTLY)

Would an open House investigation into tRUMPS X- employees AND CONTRACTORS

Be helpful in getting tRUMPS DIRTY, ROTTEN, CHEATING background out there for the public to see? Also maybe would bring up another reason for looking at his taxes?

THIS is what i really fear!

The 2020 election RIGGED! WE lose, and BARR STOPS ALL investigations!! Like they have been doing up til now!

Just want to let ALL know, we Got a mailing yesterday from Melania tRUMP

Asking for donations for her poor husband that is being treated unfairly. BULLSHIT!!

I feel Mueller is a good man. I'm sure his hands were fully tied though?

Someone please, i'm curious as to why he didn't push harder to get tRUMP and families testimony? In this area i wonder if he could have succeeded forcing this further? What am i missing? TY

My take on Muellers speech!

It's what he didn't say that i like! (He didn't say tRUMP is innocent) NOW the part i'm confused with tho is this. I really thought that the constitution we have is NOT clear on whether a sitting president can be indicted!! I believe he's going by DOJ POLICY (ONLY) here! His hands are very TIED! (He CANNOT go against policy!) NOW what do we do? I really think he wants Congress to do their job, but how if the RETHUGS in the senate refuse? Timing will be very important i believe in WHEN the House impeaches! Maybe the House should begin with calling in Muellers team one at a time to testify? No easy answer here that's for sure!! BUT election 2020 will be the MOST IMPORTANT of our lifetime!! I still say Mueller is a good guy.

I would like Mueller to just answer 3 public questions THEN finish privately?

1)Were you asked to end your investigation? 2)If you had more time to finish, could you have decided OBSTRUCTION? 3)Did you want CONGRESS to decide OBSTRUCTION? Then go into private meeting!!

When the House impeaches tRUMP (If Pelosi and the whole housecalls for it)

How would it go forward? Would it be a public process in the House? (I'm sure NOT in the Senate) PEOPLE will see the WHOLE TRUTH if it's public! TY in advance.
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