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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,106

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Question on abortion clinics

Just wondering if the Federal government could stop abortion clinics IF they opened on Reservations? Can they still close them down? Don't know if this is something that would even be possible.

Maybe Crazy question here

Why can't the House hire Mueller to continue the God dam investigation, against ALL OF THESE FUCKERS. BARR included! Is this crazy?

I have a concern about 2020 election. Please say there is nothing to worry about!

If states decide top keep RUMPS name off their ballots,(until he provides his taxes) will this give Rump a reason to file lawsuits AFTER election? I'm all for the states to do this but i also worry about final results!

Would you be for making a deal with Epstein IF

It destroys ALL RUMP family, and ALL those religious rt RETHUGLICONS? We win White house, Senate, House!!

Am i wrong in my thinking?

2020 we win the white house. Now here is where it gets interesting. If TURTLEHEAD still controls the senate, then OUR person (president, woman or Man) selects NEW AG! THEN this will give the House FULL POWER to subpoena ANYONE they choose! We will get to the bottom of all this shit and TURTLEHEAD, and all the cronies in the senate! Could this happen? I hope so!

Question on pardons.

IF Rump pardons ANYONE, does THIS give the house MORE power to go to Grand Jury with? Would it be a PLUS for the house to continue investigation, or a MINUS?

We are discovering the RETHUGLICON party is a Cesspool of SEX MANIACS!!

I had no doubt that they were CREEPS, but this takes the cake!! RELIGIOUS RT SEX CREEPS!!! YUCK!

I read in a thread here that an election observer witnessed votes changed.(Ohio i believe) Question!

If true just what OPTIONS do observers have? How can this be brought fourth, so citizens can see this? If i were an observer and this happened i would come UNCORKED and IMMEDIATELY contact my democratic leader. What else could they do?

as late as it is now i fear the SC on the census decision.

Got a bad feeling here

MY thoughts here on Rape charge.

If it WASN'T true i feel rump would go after her in court! I believe EVERY word she spoke!!! HE"S A RAPIST!!!
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