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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,925

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Because of todays SC decision on wall money the House needs to

SPECIFY what their future money goes to, and under NO circumstances is it to go ANYWHERE ELSE unless approved by the HOUSE!

Wouldn't surprise me that RUMP was fully aware of what Russia was going to do. (with our machines)

To PROVE it would be very nice! SOMEDAY we will know!

If and when impeachment inquires begin, is it possible

To hear from Mueller again?

Is it time for the house to go to court to force

TESTIMONY???? From all they choose to.

Been away from tv til now. Did anyone ask Mueller

if he wanted to continue his investigation, and was stopped?

THIS hearing kinda shows us how the IMPEACHMENT inquires will go!

These RETHUGS don't want TRUTH they want BULLSHIT!!!!

One question i'd like is

Was your intent here for CONGRESS to continue where you left off?

Would this be a question Mueller would answer?

Under this DOJ'S policy, could this president or any president be indicted for committing a MURDER?

Having bad thoughts here about our Electoral voters process.

The way i understand this is each state informs these people who to vote for. BUT they could vote ANYWAY they choose, is this correct? If so, this could be a BIG problem with no answer to. BARR will probably STOP any investigation. Anybody else feel this way?

Just thinking back here. I was born in 47 and thinking i lived through possibly

The best times EVER (40's 50's 60's 70's) Didn't realize it then BUT do now! Now i also feel like i'm living through the WORST time of my life!! This wonderful country is seeing changes i never thought possible! I've been very lucky, and i'm REALLY concerned what my children and Grandchildren will go through. We need to win in 2020, for our kids and for our country!!!
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