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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,474

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Could someone Please Explain Inherent contempt again for me?

If the house uses it, and DOES used Sergeant at arms arrest someone, (not saying they will) Does The person arrested have ANY contact with anyone other than their lawyer? I'm thinking if nothing else this would take them out of the picture of protecting anybody. If it were Barr for instance, the house could use inherent contempt and while he's in the house refuses to answer questions then use it. No more communication with tRUMPY. Am i dreaming BIG here? If they pick and choose who use the inherent contempt on it might help? TY in advance!

Just wondering what the chance is to get Barr for perjury?

When Kamala Harris asked him that direct question in the hearing!

I believe we need ONE good court ruling on impeachment subpoenas

and we will All start feeling MUCH better! Just ONE!

Question about the whistle blower

When he or she testifies before the House and Senate, will the Senators, or congress person, see who this person is? Hope not. They will run to tRUMP will anything they discover about who this person is.

When tRUMP is impeached is it even possible that

Barr will continue as pence's AG?

Just a thought.

Could tRUMP and Moscow Mitch be agreeing to releasing whistle blower report to stop the future subpoena fighting? I don't get it!

I'm confused about this Ukraine news.

Would this have been something Mueller would have seen? (investigated) If it was, i have a hard time believing Mueller would not have brought this up at the hearing? TY in advance.

Is it all about MONEY, GUNS and Religion?

Obama, and the Democratic party SAVED this country from almost complete destruction! (didn't people see this)? Now the RETHUGS are even worse. When we win in 2020 the DEM. president will inherit an almost unfixable country. i'm sure RT wing radio and news have a lot to do with it.( I understand this) The trouble i have is with Religious leaders. How could any religious leader support RUMP? Their eyes are closed or heads are in the sand. We have to turn this around somehow. Any thoughts on what else turned people against us?

So how long can tRUMP keep troops there?

Is there any time limit before congress gets involved?


If SOMETHING isn't done, we will NEVER see another whistleblower! I DO NOT have the answer, but the DEMS. need to decide which way to go! EVERYONE here is tired of tRUMP STALLING. I'm afraid it's almost do or die. WE gotta get the courts involved, no doubt about that! Even at that, it will be a long haul BUT we just gotta start our journey!
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