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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,483

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Those in the know. One question please.

Could the House request fast tracking anything to the SC?

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!! It's here! My question

Will the Senate RETHUGS protect BURR from impeachment? WHEN they do what is our next step?

Still not clear to me here. Did Mueller end his investigation? OR

Was he asked to end it? In my mind i have a picture this picture. Barr to Mueller, Did you find anything against tRUMP? Mueller to Barr not yet. Barr to mueller TIMES UP! Am i right on this line of thinking?

So now we need Mueller to investigate


I enjoy watching the older Untouchables series with Robert Stack as Elliot Ness and

WOW the similarities are unbelievable!! but tRUMP people are worse!!

Just gotta say here. When the subpoenas start to be ENFORCED with jail time

I'm sure we will ALL feel better! If they choose the tRUMP way they will PAY!!

Is it time for the house to go after McTurtles taxes?

Actually the top 10 to 20 RETHUGS taxes!!! SUBPOENA time!!!!

The house should invite Mueller to read his conclusion on

The house floor!

Question: Can the House subpoena anything from the NY. AG?

When the NY AG receives Deutsche bank info on tRUMP, or any other information the NY. AG gets?

Full support here for Pelosi! (When IMPEACHMENT is called for) I FULLY support that!

Now, if everyone is feeling like i do today, it's waiting to see the power of the HOUSE subpoenas! I'm really nervous about this. The courts have got to fully back the houses subpoenas!! (jail them until they answer house questions) THAT'S what i'm waiting for. I understand this will be a long process, BUT when the courts do what they are supposed to do, we will rejoice. (If not, that will be bad) NOTHING we bitch about will do much good except divide us. Our leaders make these tough decisions, and my money has to be on THEM!!
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