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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,464

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Ok anyone familiar with Judge Judy?

We watched and episode 2 days ago. Retired lawyer with GRAY hair sued this lady for cutting his hair wrong. Judge Judy was asking him questions and he stated he was a lawyer. She said well that makes this even DUMBER! He was trying to tell her things and She CUT him OFF saying this is STUPID. Ruled that he gets his $10 back, but he wanted MORE! She said we're DONE! Then when the two walked out of courtroom the grey haired guy said he said he's a tRUMP lover and the barber was a tRUMP HATER so she cut his hair down to the skin so he sued her! Just thought i'd mention this here! Couldn't believe he sued her! LOVED it tho!!

What will be the senate rethugs excuses

When we discover ALL the TAX LAWS broken by the RUMP family? (We WILL find them eventually)

Is our Senate Impenetrable?

I know there is a complete asshole group of leaders, BUT how do we get to the rest? I say that some see that this is TOTAL BULLSHIT but what's holding them back? UNCHARTED territory for sure! Is there a way to talk with some INDIVIDUALLY? What's the answer?

Wonder if tulsi's vote tonight

Has anything to do with her NOT attending the debate? (She knew what she was going to do) MOLE she is!

I like it!

Google just the word impeach and see what you get.

I would love to see Yovanovitch

Take Giuliani to court! Get the fucker under oath!

Ok another question on impeachment.

If tRUMP is impeached and the senate DOES NOT remove him, and we win the house and senate in 2020, can the house re-introduce the same charges to the new senate? Maybe add a few more.

No luck here with google (or it's me)

Can the Democrats impeach BUT not send it to the senate until they want too? (they choose the time for senate trial)

Just curious

Anybody here think Russia has anything on any of our SC judges? I have mixed feelings but it's possible right?

tRUMP seems untouchable BUT In my eyes he will fucking crumble

The week that the SC rules that the House can get his TAXES! Also when they rule for the NY state can have them! I really believe this!
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