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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,586

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question here can each Dem in the senate attach an amendment to any bill? one at a time.

just to slow the process down. Long time till 2018. What are senators rights in this regard? just curious.

if Mueller hands out indictments (President,his son ,Daughter, Son in law,speaker of house & so on)

Can Repubs in Congress stop any of it? After Mueller does his thing, who takes it from there? (please don't say Sessions,as he may be one indicted) would it be Rosentein?

what are we waiting on in Virginia

where the vote was tied?

does anybody think we have RUSSIAN

BOTS in America today? I mean like they do in the Ukraine? I'm betting they do, and will cause problems for all of us!

i'm hoping Kevin Cramer DOES NOT

run against Heidi Heitkamp! I'm afraid tRump will persuade him.

ok anybody here tell me if it's possible to get this from laptop to TV?

https://free-classic-movies.com/index.php Was sent to me by my daughter. I can watch any movie here on my computer, but would like to stream site to my tv? Is this possible? If not maybe some of you would like this site to watch movies. if so ENJOY! There are numerous movies here going WAY BACK!!

how can nUnes bullshit

be stopped? God dam i hate that bastard
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