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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,650

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think some of tRumps people(SUBHUMAN) read posts from this site and

gives feedback to FHURtRUMP?

ok what would be the VERY WORSE charge Mueller could

file against tRump?

if (When) Dems get control of congress could they pass a bill

That if you VOTE you receive a credit of some type? (getting people to poles would be great)

anybody have any thoughts on Mueller?

Just who does he communicate with?? What's his life like?

Does pRuitt have to go through senate before becoming AG? (IF tRUMP decides this way)

or can tRump just put him there WITHOUT senate approval?

does the senate absolutely have to approve pRuitt if selected bytRump?

and could pRuitt be temporary til senate vote?

when Mueller is ready

what will we see happen?

if the president commits perjury is the only recourse impeachment?

or can he be charged in court

can this great country survive being attacked from so many different directions?

and the only chance i feel we have is MUELLER. Seems like he's fighting our own congress and RUSSIA at the same time

does Mueller have contact with Sessions, Rosenstein,on daily or weekly bases?

and why can't Mueller question tRump under oath? (been a year now) and he's not question tRump, can't get perjury if you don't question. I guess i'm somewhat anxious?
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