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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,732

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didn't faux news say something big Monday????

if so HOW THE FUCK DID THEY KNOW???????????????????

so what happens if tRUMPY

does nothing on Russian sanctions bill?

the God dam Repugs are lucky we DO NOT control either house right now

they sure as shit would not be pulling the shit they are now!!!!!

anybody think there is a chance Mueller will get nUnes on anything?

I'm really hoping so

maybe the republiCONS won't do shit to tRump even if Mueller files charges BUT

hoping the states charge him with BIG charges Money laundering, Tax evasion so on and so on!! This possible????

really thinking here that tRump will take the 5th?

What are Muellers options if this is the case?

i thought Rosenstein was the only one that could fire Mueller?

i will not be satisfied until the whole fucking bunch

are in PRISON and EVERYTHING taken away from them and there families!!!!

can someone here explain the difference(if there is one) of testifying in front of Mueller vs

testifying in front of grand jury? which would be preferred? (thinking on tRumps lawyers here) what would be better for him?

if we get no DACA bill and some dreamers are forced to leave, is there any chance that

after we (IF) get control of both house can we pass legislation to get these same people back? or does Dotard have to sign off this?
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