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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,434

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RUMP says Mexico immigrants are druggies and rapists BUT

He wants to put DRUNK and possible Rapists on the Supreme Court???

Please can someone here explain how Rumps limiting FBI investigation of Kavanaugh is not

Obstruction of Justice? And IF it is obstruction, WHY is not Sessions speaking out about Rump? TY in advance

Well now. Will the FBI investigation

Be made PUBLIC???? Or another COVERUP???

Grassley reads the letters that support this asshole BUT

I've NOT heard him read any letters the Democrats enter into the record WHY NOT?

Maybe dumb question here but

Was Kavanaugh allowed to watch Fords testimony? ( I'm thinking NO WAY)

One question i hope to Kavanaugh is this

Mr Kavanaugh, If you had a court case before you that was based on he said she said, would you want it FULLY INVESTIGATED???

Does anyone here know if RUMP even goes to church on Sundays? The religious right

Are out of there fucking minds!!!! How can this be?

When Mueller gets RUMP it will be

A SLAM DUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN"T WAIT!! It will be soooo WORTH IT!

Just wondering: If the Kavanaugh hearing takes place on next Monday

Will the questions (to Kavanaugh) be limited to ONLY to the assault? (I'm hoping they could ask background questions) Like what male groups he was associated with in High school! and OTHER type questions. TY in advance

Hell i want to NAIL PUTIN as bad

As i want to NAIL RUMP!!!
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