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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,202

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Wondering what kind of suprises we need to prepare for

2 weeks BEFORE this Novembers election?? The lies will be HUGE i bet!!!

Any thoughts on who McCains replacement will be?

Can someone tell me what options the Democrats have to stop confirmation of

Brett Kavanaugh? Can they ask him to recuse himself from Muellers investigation? How many votes needed to confirm? TY in advance!

Today i'm sitting here HOPING

SOMEONE would come forward with the FINAL NAIL IN RUMPS COFFIN!! (Maybe there's a woman (woman's)that had an abortion with HIS orders?) I'm sure they are out there someplace!

My opinion is If they ever get to RUMPS taxes

He's fucked for sure!!!!!! PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN (After the BLUE WAVE THO)

Wondering: If Rump does pardon Manafort,

Would Manafort be released from jail while awaiting the additional charges pending against him?

For our lawyers please!

Is there ANY process available that would bring about charges against RUMP as ILLEGITIMATE president??? (IF PROVEN BEYOND ANY DOUBT) Or is CONGRESS the ONLY solution to this?

Wonder if Cohen knows anything about

OTHER REPUBLICONS that are ALSO involved in this whole fucking PLOT to let RUSSIA steal our country?

Where are all the REPUBLICONS??????????????????

No fucking comments??? What a bunch of NO GOOD DIRTY ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!

Curious question here

Are here any STATE charges in the works for Manafort? (HOPE THERE ARE MANY) What charges would they be? TY in advance.
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