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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,477

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Not sure if this has been discussed but

When we get control of house and or Senate, can RUMP be SUBPOENAED by either one??? I'm sure he can be too busy right?

How about your thoughts here!

In your eyes , what would be the BEST Charge or way this will end, concerning Mueller and RUMP???

The religious right say RUMP is a born again Christian? (ABORTIONS??)

Then why in the fuck does he lie every fucking day???? They are so fucking DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just thinking here: AMERICA folding up under ASSAULT by SEX, LIES,Russian PROSTITUTES, lowlifeREPUGS

With the blessing of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT!! Mueller has to have so fucking much evidence that it is 100% PROOF of CRIMES.Will this ever end????

I really DO NOT GET IT!

I know there are many REPUGS involved in Russia, BUT the rest of them are willing to SELL OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY DOWN THE TUBE??? I just don't get it! When we get control we better show NO MERCY!! Hold hearing after hearing, and subpoena after subpoena and JAIL THE FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is there anything RUMP and putin could have agreed to WITHOUT Congressional support?

Every day it's RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!

RUMPY really turned this country UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUMP cries about our fooball players taking a knee?

Then he BOWS to PUTIN!!!!! TRAITOR!!!!!!!

opinions? Best way for muellers investigation to end?

I feel it's best to wait till AFTER midterms! (As much as i want RUMP indicted NOW) How does everyone else feel about this? I do feel that Mueller should file some charges on some of RUMPY"S partners NOW just to see how RUMP will react. (pardon wise i mean) What are your thoughts on this?
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