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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,204

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YOUR opinion please.

When the House and senate passes a bill to end shut down, will they over ride RUMPS veto? (I'm sure he will veto it)

My thoughts. After Rump i'm thinking the president has way too much power!!!

This has to change! I'm not sure how BUT really when we get full control again, THIS needs to be addressed!!! I just never realized before that ONE person has this kind of power!! Any Thoughts here?

Lot of threads here about RUMP getting rid of Mueller (myself included) BUT

I'm curious here, anybody have any thoughts on WHY HE HAS NOT forced his AG to fire him? Somebody some where must be STOPPING it? My way of thinking is RUMP WOULD get rid of him if he could!! WHAT"S stopping him??

Rump has soo much power he could order our military to stand down even if

Russia invades us. (That's how i feel today)

Got to ask this here

If Rump decided to allow Russia (or any country) to see ALL classified material, would ANYBODY be able to stop him??

Gas here is $2.09 a gal. with 5 cents discount its $2.04 BUT

RUMPY'S think that's great! The whole fucking country falling apart and they see gas at $2.04 and they see NOTHING ELSE!!! Soooo fucking stupid they are!!!!!

What would it take to

Pass a bill that during shutdown ONLY the ones that voted FOR the shutdown will lose their salary during the shutdown. (ofcourse i know it will effect federal workers as well) but i mean add this as well, so the shut down as is will remain the same EXCEPT the persons that vote to shut down are added to the federal workers list. Is this possible?

Like somebody here asked before

Where is the BILLIONS of DOLLARS for the wall gonna go???? WHO will reap the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ THIS needs to be FULLY investigated!!!! ON MSM!!!!!

The senate rethugs are sitting there

While RUMP works on destroying the FBI, CIA, NOW our military??? What the fuck is the matter with them????

If the shut downs would

STOP payments to ALL congressional leaders that VOTE for it, We wouldn't have any shutdowns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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