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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,705

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Franken should wait til moore's possible election and if elected and

the senate does no ethic investigation? Then NO RESIGNATION is needed

interesting news was on NBC maybe no need to invade North Korea?


why doesn't Manafort have to

forfeit all he put up for bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lost track here anything new on Gates Manafort house arrest

Last i heard was Mueller was having second thoughts on Manaforts lawyers request for getting off house arrest TY in advance

so what's your thoughts on the tax bill, will the HOUSE

pass senates version? or take a chance on amending it closer to there's?

just waiting for the GRAND SLAM from Mueller because

the bases are fully LOADED

what can we use out of this fiassco tax plan for a win

in 2018? and 2020. What will be the one thing in this plan they just passed that affects people the most in the year ahead?

If tRumps impeached will

Mueller investigation continue?

any of these woman victims of Al complain

at all about tRump and his VICTIMS way back when?? I bet NOT

i'm beginning to wonder if

tRump was dropped on his head as a kid
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