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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,680

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ok we don't win both houses but IF we win the senate in 2018

what exactly can we do? I'm sure we can stop there bullshit, BUT can we call for investigations on anything? (I hope we can call in some of tRumps cronies including family members?) PLEASE SAY YES!!!

confused here are sounds like they may challenge the 3 judge panels decision? or is it over?

Marc Elias, the attorney for the Virginia House Democrats, on Wednesday afternoon issued a statement blasting the panel's decision that led to the tie and saying they were considering their legal options.
"Today's decision by the court was wrong, and Delegate-elect Shelly Simonds should have been certified the winner," Elias' statement read. "We are currently assessing all legal options before us as we fight for a just result." http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/19/politics/virginia-house-of-delegates/index.html

can supreme court judges be charged

with a crime? like money laundering for instance

getting voters to the polls has been our biggest obstacle right? So my thought is

how can we start the long process of changing this? In future elections this is has to be one of our goals. But how is it possible? Starting in the states we do have control we need to pass some rules to help. I guess what i'm asking is HOW can we get more of our people to the poles. IF we come up with a plan it will stop Repubs in there tracks!!! There plan is to STOP voters so we got to counter that. In states we have control we can change some rules hopefully this will spread to other states if they work out GREAT. We are smarter than the Repubs i know that, so any answers?

help with this. if and i repeat IF we get the house and senate in 2018 can we

do anything with the mandate? or anything else in this piece of shit tax plan?

as pissed as i am now i'm thinking Obama saved the repubs ass 8 years ago MAYBE

He should have let this world fall apart. And the fucking repubs would have GOT FULL BLAME????? i don't know BUT i'm PISSED RIGHT NOW at these fucking Repubs!! are out to destroy our way of life in bed with RUSSIA!!

is Russia using

hitlers playbook with tRumps blessing sure seems like it

i'm not to up on this shit but PLEASE someone tell me there's something here we can do!


this is how crazy it has become

pUtin and tRump talk openly now and NO ONE CARES

gotta say with Mueller this will be the

GREATEST BATTLE OF ALL TIMES!!!!!! and God Dam we gotta win this one!!! The whole WAY OF LIFE is at stake
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