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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,473

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all the great news aside do you think

we've come to a point where finally our great constitution is in great jeopardy? with all our great dumb ass repubs in congress.

Any chance Mueller could

charge Fox news as an outlet for the repubs lies?

if it does happen (Pence is charged then pardoned, will and or could he continue being VP?)

for the lawyers here

ok just guessing here but

maybe 10 to 30 Repubs may be involved with tRump BUT where the hell are the rest of the Repubs that ARE NOT INVOLVED? Are they ALL ok with giving America to the fucking Russians?

could conspiracy against the USA also

mean Russian collusion???? THAT'S THE WAY I'M THINKING

i call a new tRump game THE UNDO (he's undoing everthing Obama did)

and when we get congress back we'll play same game with our rules

after there indicted i'm hopeful they're

not allowed to leave the country

your opinion?

what will happen if we shoot down next North Korean test Missile? How would China, Russia, and or other countries react??

if i really really really believed in vodoo dolls i'd

get me a whole set of repubs dolls and 1,000,000 needles

if and or when Dems win control of both houses and Dem president will they (2018,2020)

demand paper ballots across this great country once again?? Is this something the pres can do by executive order, stating national emergency?
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