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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,445

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wondering here. on a state level is there anything we can do, about

the mandate the Repubs just voted out? Just to keep it alive until we get some control again?

what the rich bastards are forgetting! What can you buy for $1,000,000,000?

NOTHING if there's nothing left!!!!!!!!!!

let's fast forward some! If tRump does fire Mueller AND IF we get control of both house can

we (THE CONGRESS) rehire him (MUELLER) to continue his investigation? Is this possible?

someone tell me we the voting machines in red states WILL NOT be an issue in 2018.

Anyway for the Dems to monitor the process actually while people are voting? How do state laws in these red states allow BOTH sides to monitor the process? i'm really worried about the software in these machines. Check and verify i say. Anybody else have same concerns?

if it's good news

what's fox news gonna do with it? I bet call it all false news right? think they will even cover it?

help me with the process!

if the Democrat Shelly Simonds is successful,with there appeal, what are the next steps? Can that decision also be appealed? (I HOPE NOT)

by passing the tax plan these Repubs started the

DEATH PANELS they complained about with Obama Care. Kind of ironic huh?

they got rid of the mandate NOW

what can be done to preserve Obama care? Are the Dems in congress working on a plan? Can we still win this battle?

Gas went down 10cents here in North Dakota just wondering if this is part of the crumbs?

curious anybody else's gas go down? is this nation wide or am i paranoid?

we win both houses in 2018 how about we start

investigating tRump pertaining to the Emolument clause? This be a good place to start with him? or am i dreaming?
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