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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,562

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think nUNES will jump ship??????

after the MEMO is released can the F.B.I.

counter it? i mean on MSNBC or CNN??

why can't sessions stop the release of the fucking memo?

Our so called leaders that are supposed to PROTECT this country are giving our ENEMY our SECRETS!!!!!!! What the fuck is wrong here?????

Graham, Graham Graham where are you??? SANCTIONS SANCTIONS SANCTIONS?????

where did this asshole go? tRUMP dropped sanctions!!!! where oh where are you? HIDING????

if Mueller is ready he should go after the whole bunch the day after

THE FUCKING MEMO is released

the longest stretch for me will be from November 2018to Jan 2019

waiting to take control back

if one agent or spy is murdered or kidnaped because of the MEMO release

The FBI needs to arrest nUNES

if a Democratic senator was to release there response to the repubs MEMO what

would be the republiCON reaction? What are the rules regarding this?

tRump(russia) has the HOUSE, THE SENATE, Some media outlets. Does he have

the supreme court? what are your thoughts?? I worry about the SC, when it comes to constitutional crisis!

regarding the sanctions the very first person i'd force an answer from would be

,LINDSAY GRAHAM!!! He was all hot about doing some SANCTIONS against Russia!! WHERE THE FUCK IS HE NOW?????
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