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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,914

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the way i look at it

According to trump by his comments said all of our WW2 American soldiers fighting hitler died as terrorists If this doesn't upset repubs NOTHING WILL

everybody get ready

for trump to take credit for North Korea change of plans BUT will we have a nuclear free NK? (like trump said) hahahaha i don't think so

any chance

the driver was told the route the assholes would be taking so he could use isis tactic to run them over

if trump resigns

does Mueller investigation stop?

i wish

that somehow we'd know each other because the time will surely come when we WILL need each other i fear!!!

damit if it takes judgement day to get rid of trump then

I'm ready!!!

just thinking do you suppose

Trump was sent here from another planet cause he was fucking up the whole galaxy?

how many agree that

one wrong person if elected president can destroy what others have built for 50 years in just 6 months

anybody know anything

about trumps father? Boy he raised a real uncaring bastard son Maybe we should be checking this out and get under trumps skin

if i had 1 wish would i wish for $1,000,000??

i honestly would rather wish for everyone involved in this bullshit trump election (i mean every dam one of them) to get there due time at the stake!!! (life without parole)
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