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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,914

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i'm not to up on this shit but PLEASE someone tell me there's something here we can do!


this is how crazy it has become

pUtin and tRump talk openly now and NO ONE CARES

gotta say with Mueller this will be the

GREATEST BATTLE OF ALL TIMES!!!!!! and God Dam we gotta win this one!!! The whole WAY OF LIFE is at stake

question couldn't the senate Democrats use some of the rules to slow down passage of tax bill?

one would be to read the whole bill in the senate? and other ways to slow this shit down? Seems like a great time to do it if we could, even though we're in minority. i'd like to see this kind of thing happen just to get under there skin!!!!

i'm still confused!! Can he or can't he pardon himself????

if he does what would be the process?? Who would oppose it? Where would the fight take place? Courts? congress?

anybody have connections to Chris Cuomo? get cnn or MSNBC to start

a rolling day countdown as to the day congress passed Russia sanctions bill to when tRump enforces it. and i mean EVERY DAY show like this is day whatever (it was months ago this was passed) but start SOMETHING!

maybe it's time for Democratic senators to

hold secret meetings! just saying give the asshole repubs something to think about

let's shoot ahead one year

If we win control of the senate and gain few seats in the house, what do you think the Repubs will do from Nov election until our new members will be seated? (Nov of 17 to Jan of 18)

is there a possibility that charges could be

dropped on every family member if tRump resigns? Just wondering

Do you think there are any Repubs, that if the truth comes out by Mueller

They will be willing to stop whats happening to our country? If so can you name them? (name one or more)
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