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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,876

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Wonder how Rosenstein feels about

RUMP going all the way to SC? (refusing the Subpoena)

MY GOD i feel like the RETHUGS are supporting RUMP

DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our whole fucking Justice Dept is getting wiped out!! (and russia is pushing this shit)!!!!!!

Simple question (maybe)

If it can be proven that RUMP PROMISED PARDONS to his cronies, can this be Obstruction?? If so what can he be charged with?

If Manaforts found guilty AND RUMP pardons him

Will the REPUGS sit by with NO RESPONSE? If they do nothing will this hurt them in November?


If RUMP pardons Manafort, do you think Mueller will call him (Manafort) before a grand Jury? I understand he could no longer plead the 5th if he accepts the pardon? Any thoughts here?

Gotta ask this here

If Rump JR is pardoned by daddy, he could be used as a witness for mueller right? Now what if he lies AGAIN?Can Daddy KEEP PARDONING HIM???? How will this play out???

I'm thinking Mueller not only CAN indict a sitting president

It's HIS DUTY!!! He's gotta know what's at stake here! (MY OPINION ONLY)

Would perjury be a pardonable offense?

I mean if RUMPY commits perjury can he self pardon?
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