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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,725

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Am i wrong in my thinking that a SC decision favoring tRUMP would be

Making a statement that we no longer need the SC? If the president is KING his (her) decision would be final? Why in the world would they decide it for tRUMP at this stage of the game?

i'm looking forward to the day that i DO NOT see Bidens accusers name mentioned AT ALL (NEVER AGAIN)

Her name should be BANNED forever here! Sorry that's how i feel!!!

Just wondering: Are there ANY states with open government offices?

If they aren't open why don't the BIG fucking GUNNY people go stand on their doorsteps??

First thing Joe should do after winning is,


Simple question for our lawyers here, when tRUMP loses in Nov.

Can he blanket pardon Burr, or pence, mcturtle, or ANY other assholes that need to go to jail? I will be extremely UPSET if this happens!!

Ok so where is Fauci?

Been very quiet lately!!! He needs to come out from behind DUMPY!

Gotta ask one question. If tRUMP is Gods chosen, (according to Religious right)

Why the fuck doesn't he use his miracles to get rid of the covid-19?

Anybody here think maybe the rethugs could steal the election because

Of tRUMPS crony postal leader? ( could they have a plan?) What do you think?

Just wondering:

Will trumps wall come DOWN when Biden wins?

Does anybody here know what was in the package that the senate RETHUGS worked on behind

CLOSED doors with NO Democratic help?
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