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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,712

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I will try to put this the right way!

I'm thinking that some RETHUGLICON states will INTENTIONALLY cause mistakes in their General election so they can tie it up in the courts. I almost felt that during the Wisconsin primary election.Seems like there is always something that messes things up on election day! I just hope all the court battles will NOT go passed January 20th. Any thoughts on this?

Just wondering if the House has a copy of the Senate stimulus package (when ONLY rethugs met)

I feel THAT would make a great GE. ad compare to what the Dem. house DEMANDED! (The Dems. got everything that HELPS working and SS people) I would love to see those two compared to each other in a General Election ad!

Somehow i wish the Democrats could get MORE tv time!

How could the House Dems. and Pelosi (maybe some friendly BILLIONAIRS) get the message out more?

Couldn't the Wisconsin State medical director

STOP the election?

My opinion here! If the REPORTERS would ask the questions that NEED to be asked

And STICK with the same question until it's ANSWERED, The FUCKING ASSHOLE would STOP these conferences! THAT'S what needs to happen!! HE'S having way to much fun here!

Anybody here know FOR SURE if

NY. will get the 1000 Ventilators from China? Without interference from tRUMPS police? I fucking HOPE NY. gets ALL of them. I fully trust Cuomo to do the right thing with them!

Everyone better be prepared for a HUGE tRUMP religious speech or

OTHER type of prayer like happening at Easter!! I feel it coming. Will be SICKENING! The religious right will follow and do the same!! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!

tRUMP is destroying us for sure. Maybe our ONLY hope is the states come together

AGAINST trump, and send some of their ventilators to the HOT SPOTS? THIS is probably the ONLY thing that could upset tRUMPS plan to KILL Thousands or even millions of citizens. (with pUTINS blessing) I say get trump completely out of the decision making!
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