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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,712

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Quick question here

If tRUMP even spoke to anyone of his campaign or white-house workers about pardons. Would this be obstruction automatically?

Haley says I Quote (With all due respect! I don't get confused!)! this reminds me of this

Question here

Can Mueller team continue there review the evidence from Cohen, if the judge rules they can? Even after Cohen lawyers appeal this judges decision? Where are we at if they appeal i guess is my question!

what would happen if Cohen disappears

before Mondays hearing?

Maybe a play on words?( by the US government) the pentagon said Russia was not informed BUT

What about tRUMP? Did he call putin? Convenient the building were empty? This doesn't pass the smell test at all!!!

Any guesses as to what Russia will do now?

Does Rosenstein have any recourse

If tRUMP fires him? What would he do? Can he ask for Muellers help?

Can Mueller immediately file OBSTRUCTION on tRUMP

If he fires Rosenstein?

Does Ryans comment about tRUMPS war authority for military force

pertain to Russia also? Are they not Assad's COMRADE?

Will this congress(REPUBLICON) let this CRAZY PRESIDENT

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