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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,725

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Likelihood of these two things will destroy our country!

MONEY and RELIGION!! (along with stupid people of course)

My question on Manafort here

When in prison will he have internet contact with ALL his buddies? Hope he has NO INTERNET or PHONE!

Is it possible that RUMP and RETHUGS made a deal? (RUSSIAN help ofcourse)

That RETHUGS will be able to install ANY judges they want,( i mean ANY for 4 years) if they give RUMP family ANYTHING they want?

Someone got an answer? Thought i heard this on MSNBC this AM.

That Mueller has most of the documents that the house is asking for from the group of 81? Not sure if i heard this right. That if these people refuse to hand them over, The house COULD ask Mueller for them? Just curious. TY in advance.

Just a good feeling here that OUR HOUSE is on track

To be our COLUMBO!!! They won't miss a clue!!!

Rump cannot be deciding this pardon thing on his own so

Who is stopping him? May i add stopping the mueller investigation here also? WHO is stopping him (names?)

In my eyes this is the CHAIN of OBSTRUCTION (Each one stopping all our regulations)

RUMP, PENCE, McTURTLE!! STOPPING any oversight. BARR i'm not sure about yet. (Because no decisions from him yet) How can 3 people destroy our country?

Wonder if, during the Cohen hearings (open or closed) if he was ever asked this!

Did he know or hear anything from RUMP about pre-pardons? Just curious if this ever took place

Not sure what evidence States have BUT

My thoughts are, if ANY state has the goods on RUMP family members, (not DADDY of course) THAT'S where we should start with this mess! Putting pressure on Rump to resign or else!

Question: I'm hoping that Rump and his family members

are somehow NOT ABLE to see everything this government has hidden! Please someone say this is so!
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