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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,649

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Saw on c-span a table with i think 2 people (West Des Moines IA)

TRUMP people???? What the fuck???

Will even ONE RETHUG vote to REMOVE?

I say NO! Not one!

Wondering if I can get a simple YES or NO answer her PLEASE!

I at this time support Biden. BUT, i will support the DEMOCRATIC nominee WHOMEVER it will be! Will you do the SAME? please YES or NO! TY

Will we EVER get a decision from the court on


Mark it down! After Wednesdays vote Feb. 6th. 5pm. ANY US. president CAN

KILL anybody on 5th. AVE!

Would have liked to hear from ALL the rethugs OWN lips that

If it were a DEMOCRATIC president they would accept the SAME rules!

Be ready it's coming!

tRUMP will be saying: I told you i'm untouchable, i am the CHOSEN one. Please make a GOLDEN CALF in my name!

Would it be appropriate for turtle to communicate with roberts without a Dem. present?

That is IF he did. (which i'm not sure of) I mean i have a feeling there was contact going on between the RETHUGS and Roberts. Am i paranoid? Just what are the rules in the senate?
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