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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,649

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Got another heart

TY very much!!! You know who u are!!

TY very much for the heart!!

I now believe we are in full

DICTATORSHIP!!!!! I hate the whole white house !

I see Anderson Cooper has the impeachment managers on CNN tonight

8 pm eastern time! Should be interesting!

two questions

WHO will decide if the sitting president CAN or CANNOT be indicted? I mean say if the NY state files tax charges on tRUMP. Can someone show the process?

I don't know. Maybe we need more ads about tRUMP with HORNS on his head with

Lightening in background, red eyes, FALSE PROPHETS symbols flashing? Something that is different. Any other ideas for ads? Might wake up some the religious right to see what tRUMP is all about! HE has to be stopped!!

Should every president be given a BLOOD TEST for DRUGS every year?

I believe so! We should have a right to know if they are on drugs! (blood test for drugs only)

Well with 97% of votes tallied I would like to congratulate

Pete, Bernie and Elizabeth! Still support Joe here! But gotta give credit where credit is do!

Why not re- introduce SAME articles of impeachment? (i'm sure they can't)

Do it until witness's ARE HEARD!!

Who else thinks tRUMP will use what happened in IA to claim

ELECTION FRAUD when he loses in the 2020 general election? WOW just WOW! (Just what we DO NOT NEED)
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