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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,876

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One question i would ask

Has RUMP EVER discussed pardoning ANYONE for their crimes?

OK everybody!

Which RETHUG in the house will try to make a name for him (her)self today? (go after Cohen the worst way possible)

Bottom line is this about Cohen!

The senates main purpose is to destroy Cohens testimony! (Will they succeed?) The House purpose is get the TRUTH out there! Who will believe what?

BIG push to split our votes???????

PLEASE EVERYONE! What's happening is a BIG PUSH to split us up i feel!!! DON'T let it happen!!! VOTE for the DEM!!!! END of story!!! REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!!

Question on impeachment. If the house impeaches And senate does NOT convict.

Can he STILL be charged AFTER he's out of office? Would this be considered double jeopardy? Just curious.

If Cohen testifies publicly next week in the house (about RUMPS really bad shit)

I really really really hope he gives NAMES of the people RUMP fucked over!!!! Also gives PROOF of anything against RUMP, so there is NO QUESTION about it!!!!!!!

Just curious. Any (tRUMP) RUSSIANS come here(U.S.A.) while we

Were watching the southern border? Wouldn't surprise me if they did.

OK gotta ask this here

Would it be a dumb idea for the house to subpoena McTurtle? Is this even possible?

Like almost EVERYONE here i believe RUMP was (IS) a Russian spy!! NOW

I'm asking here just what type of INFO RUMP shared with Russia? (anybody have thoughts on this) In the two years i'm afraid of just what did this asshole shared? If the RETHUGS in the senate refuse to stop him, are THEY co-conspirators? What a fucking mess we have to deal with!!!

Today i'm feelin that Lindsay Graham was actually a spy!

Pretending to be a friend to McCain to news back to RUMP!!
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