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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,922

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Mueller is investigating Russian collusion so could this lead him

to voter fraud investigation also, if he finds evidence that leans that way?

Question who sets the rules? tRUMPS lawyers or Mueller? How is this worked out?

Can Mueller say this is the way it is, and if tRumpy don't like it then it's the Grand Jury?

I'm feeling kinda crucified after returning and reading some responses on my thread at 10:07 amtoday

If tRump was to call for preemptive strike on NK. Maybe i worded it wrong BUT i feel like mostly everyone hated me. The reason for the thread was in response to this thread( https://www.democraticunderground.com/10141978062) Now maybe i should not have done it, but i really was concerned that tRUMP would order this strike to stay in power? So came the question Do you think if he did this horrible thing, would he get a midterm win?? I do apologize to everyone that i upset TY

what impact will the Gerrymandering court cases have on midterms?

Question. Do you suppose Mueller is in contact with Other state AG's or would that be illegal?

I'm hoping they have back up plans if tRUMPY executes his firing of Rosenstein, Mueller and whomever else!

look at how many people are involved in RUSSIA tRUMPY scheme and all it will take is


tRUMPY say's I'M VINDICATED so i say

what's the reason he wants to fire Rosenstein then??? If he has nothing to worry about.

RUSSIA is HAPPY because tRUMPY is president BUT

there goal is TAKING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAD day in America when these SON' A BITCHES

Let RUSSIA invade our country! Maybe the only answer will be REBELLION!! Are we ready????

if need be the STATE INDICTMENTS

will coral all the COMRADES!!!!!!!!!!!
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