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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,725

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I remember today hearing that maybe the new ATT. General might have to recuse himself depending on

Going before some this ethics board? Who are the members of this ethics board, and is there hope that this could be true? Or is this total bullshit? TY in advance

Can someone tell me why Sessions didn't say Fuck you to RUMP?

What would have took place if Sessions would have made it more difficult for RUMP?

The new house will subpoena sessions for sure

I truly hope i'm correct here!!!!

WHY the fuck are the MSM even covering this piece of shits news conference?

Total fucking lies lies lies lies!

By winning the house does this

Put the STOPS on the idiots fucking wall??? Hoping so!!!

Question about recounts here

I'm confused as to why Florida and Texas are not automatic recount area? Are they not within the 1% needed for runoff?

whenever a RPUG is interviewed on ANY MSM there should be a

Pinocchio nose along side his head! When they lie the NOSE GROWS!!! (which will be every word out of their mouth)

Weather channel is saying bad weather for the key southern states on election day

Could be a very long night, and very confused voting totals!! BE READY! Very nervous here, but really believe in the BLUE WAVE!!!

Seems like to me All the Religious rt REPUGS want

The end of times war!!! THAT'S why they are for RUMP!!!! (My opinion only here)
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