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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,712

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Obama and his family is ONE BILLION TIMES a better family that they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking Mueller is worried about the senate. (as far as impeachment)

He knows what needs to happen BUT, So much depends on what these assholes will do!! Is he gonna wait, or proceed??

No proof here at all BUT after the Saudi answer to Khashoggi MURDER

I have NO DOUBT in my mind of their connection to 9-11 attack!!! They fucking knew what was going down! (MY thoughts here, no proof needed)

Could RUMPS secret service block

The delivery of a Subpoena?

Probably catch hell here BUT question on pardons

IF one of RUMP pardons can be proven to obstruct justice, can ANYTHING be done about it? (My thought here is if he pardons Kushner, possibly this will protect RUMP himself?)

Could someone answer this question?

On the 12 BILLION dollar bailout. Is it possible as a matter of public record to see who GOT WHAT? (in every state) Can our new DEM. HOUSE hold hearings to see if GRASSLEY got his cut?

Your thoughts here. Would it be to our advantage to impeach RUMP

Right before 2020 election? (if he's still there) Would this help us win votes? (THIS would force REPUBS in the senate to take a stand)

Any thoughts on this? If Rump does get indicted, and finally impeached.

Would Pence follow through with Pardons??? (if he isn't indicted also)

How DUMB are REPUBS???????

Rump could bring down the WHOLE FUCKING REPUB CONGRESS!!!!! THAT"S how dumb!!!

If Avenatti says NO and his wife says NO. (which is what i believe) THEN

Any thoughts on who's stirring the pot here? (besides all the REPUBS i mean) Who is the MAIN one?
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