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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,670

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There is NOTHING these rethugs won't do!

This election we need EYES and EARS WIDE OPEN!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

I trust that the DEMS. are doing everything they can.

But i get weak at times and think maybe we should pick ONE of the two, (Barr or Moscow Mitch) and concentrate heavily on them! What would be wrong with going after Barr? I mean really go after him. He has done Many things to protect tRUMP! I don't know how, but we need to start using the courts against Barr.My Weak moments bring this thinking out. Any thoughts?

Confusing questions here. Hope i can explain it right

Ok This concerns the power of pardons. Let say tRUMP is impeached and Pence is president. Now if they planned this so pence will pardon everybody while he is president. Now my question. Can pence pardon tRUMP for breaking the law BEFORE he was elected? (by asking Russia for shit on Hillary before the election) If not who will file the charges on tRUMP? (Barr i suppose) TY in advance

MSNBC, CNN, needs to have a fox news fact check time EVERYDAY

Until after the election!

What are your thoughts here

I think tRUMP is in DAILY communication with putin. If he is think we will prove it?

Questions. (don't know if this has been asked before)

If Pence becomes president after tRUMP is impeached, will Barr continue as AG? If so does he have to be approved by the House?

Could someone Please Explain Inherent contempt again for me?

If the house uses it, and DOES used Sergeant at arms arrest someone, (not saying they will) Does The person arrested have ANY contact with anyone other than their lawyer? I'm thinking if nothing else this would take them out of the picture of protecting anybody. If it were Barr for instance, the house could use inherent contempt and while he's in the house refuses to answer questions then use it. No more communication with tRUMPY. Am i dreaming BIG here? If they pick and choose who use the inherent contempt on it might help? TY in advance!

Just wondering what the chance is to get Barr for perjury?

When Kamala Harris asked him that direct question in the hearing!

I believe we need ONE good court ruling on impeachment subpoenas

and we will All start feeling MUCH better! Just ONE!
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