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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,725

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I honestly believe this group of senate rethugs

Would argue that the color white is black and vote 53 to overturn it!

Looks like to me that there are 53 senators in the senate that

MURDERS, RAPISTS, Terrorists, Pedophiles, sexual predators, republicans, would LOVE to have serve in their jury!

Well, we know the outcome of the mockery trial in the senate. NOW

Will the House pursue MORE impeachment charges? ( I hope they do) This could slow down the senate judicial appointments. Any thoughts?

My thoughts are Mcturtle will abide by the white house lawyers!

And DISMISS all charges!

I'm sure the MSM is giving FULL coverage to the GUN NUTS!

Nothing to the impeachment news today!

Will lots of CAMPAIGN adds be made from

This joke of a trial? The Dems. could get some really good ones i bet!!

IMPEACHMENT again, again, again, and again!

If for no other reason, than to STOP the senate from voting on Judges!! We still have enough reason to impeach!

When tRUMP loses in NOV. He will use his remaining time to do some UGLY shit!

I just hope EVERYTHING can be UNDONE by the NEW Democratic president!

Will there be a

Impeachment #2? I hope so. and # 3 too!

Question for our people in the know here!! Anyone got the answers?

Barr has done lots to piss us off. Now my question. Name what he has done that is considered absolutely ILLEGAL? Also what steps COULD be taken to STOP his BULLSHIT! TY in advance
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