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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,649

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RUMP will keep shutdown forever SO

I feel the answer to this is to go after McConnell!!!! That is the answer to this! He is the ONLY person protecting RUMP. In my mind McConnell is the key to this shutdown! Somehow we have to divide and conquer the RETHUGS!!!!!

NOT that i'm for this BUT just curious If the House DID impeach RUMP, THEN

Could Turtle face stop it from reaching the floor for investigation? He's been stopping anything he wants too, so could he stop the process on his own? (I'm NOT saying we should impeach here because Muellers work needs to proceed FIRST)

Probably another first took place little over 21 days ago

First time RUSSIA shut down our country!

Am i wrong thinking that IF Mueller has the goods on McTurtle

That He (MUELLER) should move forward NOW with charges and force RUMP to decide a pardon or not for McTURTLE! If he gets pardoned THEN off to the GRAND JURY with him and force him to testify. (No longer can claim self incrimination the way i understand it) Also if TURTLEFACE accepts pardon he accepts guilt then NO LONGER can hold the senate seat? THAT could end this BULLSHIT!!

Anybody here from Kentucky? How hard would it be to peaceful protest McTurtle?

Does he have secret service? Is it possible to peaceful protest his home? Just curious.

I know, i know it won't happen BUT If Mueller had something really bad illegal on TURTLEface

Can he be indicted by Mueller?

My thoughts on MitchTurtle are

Everywhere he goes there should be protesting people!! He needs to be on MSM every hour of every day!! peaceful protest BUT protests!!!

Just a thought here

I really believe Rump just wants to beat the record for the longest shutdown! I believe that is 21 days? We'll see what happens after 21 days!!

Seems like we keep hearing from SAME senate RETHUGS?

Why doesn't the MSM hunt down ALL the rethugs in the senate? Why are they hiding? Can't they speak?

Should ALL affected by shutdown get interest on their money??

Could be a huge amount. Also if they are financial harmed they could sue McConnell i hope!!!
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