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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 4,266

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Is there ANYTHING that would

Force the REPUGS in the senate to impeach?

Honestly can anyone mention ONE rethug that

Isn't a lying piece of shit????? Just one out of the whole fucking bunch????

I really feel Rump WILL use pardon power.When the shit hits the fan, WHO

will be his first pardon? Starting today that is. Adding here. Does anyone here think Mueller has any proof that Rump discussed with ANYONE about his pardoning anyone? Just curious

NOT ME. but who here would be satisfied if the only way this ends is

Resignation or impeachment??? I personally want his WHOLE family to pay with financial ruin AND PRISON TIME!! Also all the Rethugs that supported this family needs to be investigated and financially ruined!! We need to REMEMBER they are completely destroying our planet, our country and FAMILIES!!!

When the new Democratic house starts their Rump family investigation will it result in

Rump deciding to resign? (with pressure from some RETHUGS) I could see him make a deal to save all his family. The DEMS. will have LOTS of really bad things to share with the public i feel. The other side of the coin, could Rump count on PARDONS to save himself and family?

We could reach a constitutional crisis BUT

I'm not sure it would be a bad thing!! I really think it's needed because the country is soo in trouble because of this RUMPY asshole!!

Just have one question

Is it possible the the new Democratic house can subpoena the REPUG leader of the senate, (or any repug for that matter) TY

Could the new house pass a referral to the senate for

Senate thoughts on impeachment? Putting the senate on record without fully going for impeachment UNLESS of pre- support from the senate? Would this be wrong way to proceed?

Just wondering here. Could the Senate blame the DEM. controled house

If they DO NOT try to impeach RUMP? I'm thinking that AFTER the fact, then the RETHUGS could say why didn't the DEM house go for impeachment? Any thoughts on this?

My thoughts are

RUMPY is waiting for his family to be charged with something. THEN come his PARDONS!
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