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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,483

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Thoughts? Any chance the judge (on Oct 16th) could give TFG ONE WARNING

Then his trial WILL move up to JAN. 6 2024!!!!

Wondering here, what reason would TFG show up at tomorrows hearing? (Or did he have to?)

Surely not to testify.

What would be the BEST way for the judge to handle the gag order?

All ideas welcome. I feel the FINAL step should include loss of social media. Each warning should be handled in steps to the final step. How i don't know, but it needs to be thought out very carefully.

Just want to shout out a big Thank you to Earl.

Sounds like the new DU4 is keeping him busy. I just want him to know ALL he does here is GREATLY appreciated!!

Warning to all my family here (Gas prices)

North Dakota here. Gas went up 40 cents a gallon over night! Fill up if you can, before it hits you!

All these polls show so much support for TFG, over EVERYONE running against him. WHY?

I bet these IDIOTS cannot name one fucking thing he did for anyone. NOT ONE!

I just gotta ask this.

Does a judge have the right to at some point to TAKE AWAY THIS FUCKERS internet or social media? Any chance at all?

Anyone know who the judge will be in the Geordia case?

It's a state case i know, but who would the judge be? Good or bad?

Help me see how this will play out. (IF IT HAPPENS)

Lets say that TFG will NOT abide by ANY order from the JUDGES, (ALL of them) One of the judges orders him to answer in court. (personally) He then REFUSES that order as well. TFG is in Florida, so how would the Federal marshal proceed to arrest him? Plus what happens to the secret service agents at this moment? Hell, i picture him there at Mar a lago with a bunch of his idiot supporters blocking the way. Does Deathsantis have any options here? I know this is way ou there, BUT i see possibilities it could happen.

Morning thoughts and a question here.

Ok, i'm thinking TFG could (will) be found guilty in every court room. So my question is, Will he serve time in EVERY state he's found guilty in? Here, there, and everywhere?
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