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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 06:40 PM
Number of posts: 4,516

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How about Dems, left, center, right join together

and start rebuilding democracy.

That to me means getting foreign influence out of our elections, strong cyber security, non party public drawing of congressional districts, eliminating laws that restrict voting rights, elimination of hackable voting machines, longer early voting periods, automatic registration, paper ballots, mail in voting and anything else to encourage citizens to take part in their government.

So I just spent the last week in Toronto.

The harbor front is nice with a lot of things to do.

The Blue Jays were playing last night in their nice stadium. It is too bad Toronto island is flooded. I would have liked to go there.

Plenty on 20 and 30 somethings living in high rise apartment buildings. The buildings are everywhere in the down town area.

They ride the train to work. They bicycle everywhere and jog along the lake front.

The mass transit is plentiful and efficient.

Their diversity is very visible with people from many countries living peacefully together and speaking their native languages.

The young folks are struggling with paying for rent and food and their student loans.

Nobody there seams to be worried about Trump. I think they are adjusting to the new world order taking place.

I think we will be looking to Canada as a leader to emulate instead of the other way around.

I hear it said that both sides should work

together to solve the problems with health care.

Yet our side wants to increase the number of people getting health care and the other side wanting to decrease the number who get health care.

How can we work together when there are opposing goals.

The media needs to stop this "work together to get something done" talk and recognize that there is no common ground to work on.

Man I can't stand to be lied to straight to my face. All Repubs today are lying on TV.

Get the bill passed is all that matters. Mc Turtle is on MSMBC lying his ass off.

For the life of me I do not understand the right's desire to hurt people. Everything Trump or repubs in Congress plan hurts all of us.

Now is not the time for us to fight each other.

I don't care if you are far left or moderate. I don't care if you love Bernie or despise him. I don't care if you love Hillary or despise her. I don't care if you love Nancy Pelosi or not.

We have to vote AGAINST the right in a combined effort in 2018 and 2020. Let's get back in power then fight for new legislation.

I do believe that much of the criticism of

Nancy Pelosi is because she is such a strong independent woman in a leadership position. The same goes for Hillary.

Sure she is a lightening rod to rally the opposition but it seems to me that those qualities she has that they hate also rally some Dems against her.

I say that because she is such an effective leader and yet Dems ignore that fact when they make up their list of grevences against her.

I want effective leaders no matter what their sex or age is.

Thoughts and prayers. That is the limit

if what we can do about gun porn!

Thoughts and prayers will not help the matter. If that is what you are feeling then you feel helpless IMHO.

Kamala Harris will be on Morning Joe tomorrow


Sessions wasting Kalama Harris's time

Again chairman tries to shut her down

Trump's biggest fear is to have to pay his debt to society for all the wrong and unlawful things

he's done.

That's why he demands loyalty. He fears there might be a plant in his midst. That is the reason for the ass kissing cabinet meeting today.

His second biggest fear is that people will see under his costume, his phony front, the real Donald Trump.

His fear is what drives his whole being. It is the reason for bullying and his threatening people.

The thing I don't get is how people could want to be loyal to such an evil person.

He is getting trapped in a corner. He made a big mistake by becoming President. The resistance will bring him down.

Robert Mueller hired the best Federal Criminal prosecutor ever

They will investigate Trump's obstruction of justice asking Comey to lay off of Flynn.

This per Rachael tonight
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