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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 06:40 PM
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At a car wash that has faux snooze on

They make it sound like the rich are not really getting a big tax cut.

With all the other media saying they will, a person has to make the choice to remain ignorant and watch fox.

I am 71. We don't need people of my generation running in 2020.

We've had our time on the stage.

What we need in 2020 is a young charismatic person who can get people out to vote like Obama did in 2008.

We can win if we all get behind that person. No third party, no independent, no Green Party candidates to split the vote or to be a reason to stay home or to be a reason to vote for the opposition.

They will run another crooked campaign and pit us against each other.

Pay attention to the past and see why we lose.

So what will we do in CA to deal with the results of the tax bill?

We will continue to elect Dems to power positions and use our state and local governments to midigate the damage.

We will raise taxes like the new gas tax to fix our roads and create new construction jobs.

We will replace lost federal programs with our own programs. Like Jerry Brown said "if they stop putting up satilites we will put up our own satilites.

We will continue to celebrate diversity and remain a sanctuary state.

Fuck the repukes in DC

Folks elect all the local Dems you can and run for office.

I know people who have enough wealth so that they won't get hurt by anything

the repukes do. But not so much that they become better off.

I asked one of them what they thought of the tax bill and he said at first he wasn't paying attention then he said that possibly it would help the middle class.

He just doesn't want to deal with the idea that his party is out to hurt people.

These types burry their heads in the sand. They put on blinders so they don't have to see the poverty around them. One told me the other day that homeless people have too much freedom.

I need to work with them but to do so you have to not discuss things like the fucking tax bill that passed last night.

I long for the days when I thought we would always move in a more progressive direction. I am 71 and there was such a time before Reagan. I don't know if we will ever get back there. My guess it will take a generation or two of suffering for change to happen.
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