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That is all,.

So the new center right theory is ditch BBB


So from 6T to zero.

That will certainly energize the electorate.

And transform peoples lives.

Is the ISIS attack on Virginia over?

Any reports on the casualties?

Has the Isis Attack on Virginia started yet?

They are just laughing at us.

If the situation were reversed, if Trump had won the election and 'BLM' and 'antifa' had stormed Congress in an attempt to prevent the constitutional process of confirming the election, there would have been a national emergency declared that same day. Thousands of people would have been arrested, including members of congress and perhaps Biden himself.

They would have pushed for treason charges against everyone and done their best to execute as many people as they could.

They are just fucking laughing at us.

guilty guilty guilty

Duante Wright's killing was not a random, disconnected "accident"


Well we are having a revolution, and not in a good way.

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