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FYI: posting idiocy from RNS is frequently a Real Bad Idea.

You might want to:

a) do a slow read of the entire article.
b) google the author and screen for rightwing christian fascism
c) think twice post once.

On the other hand there is always self-delete when shit hits the fan.

God is Mercy.

Sitting in traffic on the way to work staring at a Christian bumper sticker.

What does this phrase even mean?

Certainly these Christian gods are not applying their mercy powers in the real world, or if they are they are doing so arbitrarily while allowing innocents to experience intolerable suffering. The phrase is entirely problematic in that case, bringing forth all the problems of good and loving gods with the power to act in the world.

So then these gods express their mercy in the realm of the dead? Is Christianity a death cult? Never mind injustice and cruelty and disasters, the gods will make it right after you croak.

More than likely the Christian proudly displaying his faith on his bumper just thinks it’s a lovely sentiment.

Epstein conveniently dies, rich fuckwads

across the globe rejoice.

Joe Biden Is Coming for Your Legal Weed

The former VP and 2020 candidate's plan for cannabis is the industry's worst nightmare: It could blow up the system across the country.

Biden's plan calls for moving marijuana from schedule I to schedule II, that's a good thing, right? Wrong. Here's why:

In his 40 years in the Senate, as is now well known, Biden was a key architect of harsh criminal penalties for nonviolent drug users. Undoing much of his own work was one way to make sense of a large part of the criminal justice plan his presidential campaign recently released. Finding a centrist's safe-and-happy medium on weed in particular, Biden has not embraced legalization—a.k.a. commercialized, recreational pot use—but has claimed to back decriminalization, or removing at least most pot offenses from the criminal justice system.

But Biden is actually pushing a policy that could wreck the growing American weed industry and massively disrupt users' access to the drug, attorneys, consultants, academics, and entrepreneurs well-versed in US cannabis policy say.


The proposal would do for cannabis "the same thing it’s done for meth: Ensure reduced research initiatives, selective prosecution, and a thriving black market," said Michael Backes, a Southern California-based cannabis industry consultant and author of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana.

Selling cannabis like other Schedule II drugs, in "a closed system, only by prescription, only sold by licensed pharmacies, would be massively disruptive," Herzberg concluded. "It would produce massive changes—and if it were actually enforced, there could be no recreational marijuana at all."


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