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Sanders leads, Biden slumps in N.H. poll

Elizabeth Warren was in second place, while Pete Buttigieg was fourth and clinched a ticket to the POLITICO/PBS NewsHour debate in December

DURHAM, N.H. — Former Vice President Joe Biden suffered a precipitous drop in the latest New Hampshire poll, falling to the lowest point his campaign has seen this election, while Sen. Bernie Sanders recaptured his first-place spot narrowly over Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders was the first choice of 21 percent of likely Democratic primary voters, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 18 percent, Biden at 15 percent and South Bend (Ind.) Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 10 percent, according to the Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire and co-sponsored by CNN.


Biden Faces Fundraising Woes as Buttigieg Appears to be Snatching Up Some of His Donors

Even though polls largely show that Biden continues to be in the lead, the apparent limit for Biden to appeal to big donors and his failure to light a fire among small-money donors “has served as a flashing warning sign about the potential limits of his appeal,” notes the Times. Where are all the would-be donors? Maybe with Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The host of a recent fundraiser for Buttigieg claimed that the crowd was filled with “a lot of those people you would have thought would be Biden people. And they weren’t.” Many of those who were there had an overwhelming feeling that “Biden has already lost,” according to the Bradley Tusk, who was manager of Michael Bloomberg’s reelection campaign for mayor of New York City.


Bernie Sanders wants to pile $50 billion from legal marijuana tax revenue into business grants

Bernie Sanders releases a plan to legalize marijuana nationwide, expunge certain marijuana convictions and invest in grants to boost communities disproportionately affected by current drug laws.


Actual proposals to address the damage that the war on drugs has inflicted disproportionately on African American communities.

Yang and Sestak at our local NH town dem fall dinner

One of the advantages of living in a small new hampshire town is that come primary season you get presidential candidates showing up for all sorts of minor occasions. As Yang pointed out, due to our unusual circumstances one New Hampshire voter is equivalent to about 1000 California voters. Back when the primary was in early march, I used to joke that you could get the flock of hopefuls to rake the snow off your roof for votes.

Last night we had Andrew Yang and Joe Sestak (who I hadn't even heard of) at our Democratic Fall Bash. Earlier we've had Sanders and Warren in town too.

Andrew Yang might just be the smartest candidate out there. I know he's been dismissed as a Silicon Valley flake, but he is actually operating on a different level than all the other candidates. No doubt his candidacy won't survive past February, but whoever our nominee is, when they win the White House, they should bring Yang into the cabinet and seriously listen to what he is talking about.

Sestak is in the 'also running' gang of nobodies. He has an impressive resume as a career naval officer, and a personal story filled with tragedy (a daughter with brain cancer). I'm glad we offered him dinner and a spot at the podium.

We have a lot of really good candidates. We should keep that in perspective. Whoever wins, the fight is to remove Trump, to take back the Senate, to increase our hold on the House, and to put Democrats back in control of more of our states.

The Dunder-Mifflin effect on believers and non-believers.

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