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Coulter at Berkeley.

I'm fine with notorious nazi Coulter speaking at Berkeley. It's a public university and should not be engaged in censorship, at least it should censor only for good reasons and do so without prejudice. Certainly just because she is a notorious nazi fuckwit is not a good reason, and unless the university has a policy barring all fuckwits, picking on this one crosses the 1st amendment line, in my opinion.

I also am fine with people showing up and shouting down the abominable Coulter. Her views are anathema to a democratic society. And if the police try to shut the audience up or prevent attendance based on political persuasions, well that would be an egregious violation of the 1st amendment that should b vigorously protested.

Anecdotal Hope

I was sitting in an ER room with my wife, who has been having episodes of afib, and there is the usual parade of health care workers and my wife is always talking and somehow Trump always comes up and there is universal expressions of dismay and disgust. Ok, sure, health care workers trend liberal, but one nurse walks in to run an ekg and she's chatting with my wife and says her daughter is in the Air Force and I'm thinking "well here comes the trumpist", when she says "I'm really concerned for because of Trump". So I said "yeah he's a disaster" and she said "he's going to start a war". "A lunatic with nukes" I said, and we all contemplated the existential crisis.

When the military families think the president is out of control that is indeed a situation.
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