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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 09:24 PM
Number of posts: 115

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Can you freaking imagine what would've happened

If President Obama had made comments like the idiot in chief made about the military. The rabid tRump supporters would have overrun the White House and dragged Obama out and lynched him!!! 😤

During tRump's demonstration of magnificent oratory skills Thursday evening.

I kept waiting for him to tell his rapt audience to look under their seats. A pardon for you a pardon for you everybody gets a pardon! 🙄

Please be kind to Kellyanne.

Her life has to of been a nightmare the last 4 years! Go High lol ✌

Had Aaron Sorkin wrote a character like our

Current pResident into one or more of his episodes of the west wing, the producers would have argued he should be institutionalized!!!

How many people here believe if tRump loses

The election. Clarence Thomas will resign and they will try to ram his replacement through a lame duck session.

Rumor has it

tRump is going to fire Barr (ceremoniously) and replace the Bastard with Mericas hero sheriff David Clarke 🙄🙄

Biden should ask the Who

To allow him to use Won't get fooled again as his campaign song! 😏

As if irony isn't presently near daeath.

The idiot makes an appearance in front of one of the most liberal sects of Christianity.

I'll bet Stephen Moore can't contain himself.

That Mother Fucker moore is probably multi- orgasmic right now! I know violence is never the answer, but I sure would like to ground him and pound him!!!😤😤😤

What are the odds?

That Billy Barkkk will bring violations of civil rights against Derek Chauvin?
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