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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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Can't sleep!! I am wide awake. Fellow Pre Election Insomniacs - Check in here.

NJ folks .. Please ask for a provisional ballot if you had signed up for vote by mail

And did not use VBM

Although they won't let you vote..they have to let you cast a provisional.

Here is why Trump will lose tomorrow ...

People like to pick strong leaders .. While Trump bluster might have seemed strong in 2016 and many people may have bought into it.. It has become more and more apparent except to the dumbest of dumb fucks .. that Trump is scared shitless.

And people can sniff out fear and they are not going to vote for someone who is afraid.

Predict Trump's reaction on Wednesday

John Fugelsang predicted that regardless of the result - Trump will declare victory ..

He will take any fig leaf from a random race and spin into a Mandate for himself.

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Anyone else finding that airfares for thanksgiving much higher this year

Its more than double what I normally pay..

This sucks!!

I hope I am able to wish the very best to Ted Cruz..

Next week for his new career as a

Reverse Mortgage Salesman!!

Should the Federal Government supply a National Voter ID

It should have no number or anything that allows tracking - but simply be a photo id that says who you are . It should be free and be given out automatically to every registered voter.

This will help defeat all the nefarious schemes cooked up by Republicans

WOOOOOO ..EFFFINNN ... HOOOOOO !! Lance is going down

My district is represented by this cretin ..

Look at the live poll from NY Times !!


47% 4.6
Tom Malinowski ( Our Man)


39% 4.6
Leonard Lance ( Trumplican & Incumbent)

Guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips ..and maybe a tear to your eye!

Apologies if you dont have Twitter ... There is nothing I can do to describe it.


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