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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 09:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,547

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i have good health insurance ( or so I thought)

my copays are $15 .. great pharmacy benefiits . very affordable monthly payment

last month I had my upper endoscopy done .. the doctor verified with the insurance that I am authorized for the procedure .. and when I show up - my copay is $150 - which I promptly paid. All good?

Today I get a bill for $2577 .. which is the balance due after the money paid by the insurance (4480.12 ) and their adjustment ( $3554)

The total charge for a 20 minute procedure is $10,762

Here is my problem - WHY THE FUCK wasnt I told upfront about it - I may have shopped around or not have it done

I am super pissed. Who has so much money laying around .. this is seriously fucked up .. I am not paying for this on principle .. They are welcome to sent it to collections and ruin my credit. I dont give a fuck ..

This country is SUPER FUCKED UP .. I cant believe this shit !!!

Trump says he's been too busy to get Melania a birthday present


President Donald Trump admitted on Fox News that he's been too busy to get a birthday gift for his wife, first lady Melania Trump, who turned 48 years old Thursday.

When asked during a telephone interview on Fox & Friends what Trump bought the first lady for her birthday he responded with a laugh," Well, I better not get into that 'cause I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn't get her so much."

Gee -- What could he be so busy with that he didn' t have time to ask an aide to get a gift for his wife.

Watching TV , Tweeting, Cohen, Bob Mueller ??

Or maybe he doesn't give a shit about her.

The first the Democrats should do in Jan 2019 is

Don't answer all of the above ( which all of us agree with anyway) ...pick ONE issue that the House should take on First assuming we flip it.

I took out a new hire at work for lunch..

This guy comes across as a very calm and deliberate thinker ..

But when a homeless guy walked past us on the sidewalk while we were having our lunch .. his true colors started showing. He blamed entitlements for the deficit. I had to fight from blowing a fuse. I steered the conversation towards automation and companies are able to generate larger and larger revenues with smaller workforces... And he said the economy is humming along because of Trump and he liked it .. he is very happy with Trump and will vote for him again.

I am done being nice to this guy .. am not helping him with anything.. and he needs me big time. I will screw him very quietly.

On edit:

I am not actively Sabotaging or anything -- I just wont help him

Second edit:

The guy sensed he crossed a line .. and apologized for bringing up politics.

Just heard on John Fugelsang

Michael Cohen's Lawyer may need a lawyer - because he may have bought up Sean Hannity as a client without sufficient justification.

So Trump's Lawyer's Lawyer needs a Lawyer.

Did anyone else hear that ? I am sure JF was joking - but given how crazy reality has been, it wouldn't surprise me

Question for DU.

Does Bob Mueller get anything from Cohen's computers .. or will the records to be reviewed by prosecutor only pertain to Stormy pay out ?

In fairness to Hannity ... He did not rent a whore.

He WAS the whore.

Hannity sets a new DU record on GD

He has 23 threads with his name on page 1

Congrats to client#3

#client3 is trending on twitter

This is too funny !!!

Internet never forgets

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