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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
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Sorry if it has been posted before , but I think I found the perfect Lawyer for Trump

He specializes in defending thieves and crooks

Here is why I think Trump will be forced out of office before his term.

If Mueller at some point , before 2020 Nov, indicts Trump as he is expected to and if that involves money laundering... Trump can be criminally prosecuted after office.

Republicans will not only lose the Whitehouse but Trump can go to Jail if the next Democratic president refuses to pardon him, which will be very damaging to Pukes.

So in Mutual interest .. Trump will resign and Pence will pardon him of all offenses. Pence will claim ignorance in his election bid.

I am thinking of buying a bullet proof backpack for my kid

I have 6 year old daughter .. she is my only kid -- we had her after many years of marriage.

Last month there was a lockdown following a threat. Luckily, it turned out to be a false alarm.

But what if the next time it isnt a false alarm. What if crouching below desk and hiding behind bullet proof backpack might mean the difference.

I dont know much about how effective they are. Would love to hear if anyone has already done the research on this

Parkland students live facebook video . on with Dan Rather


This is beyond sad ...

I am so disillusioned with the Union County Democrats

Nick Scutari and his band of thugs firstly arm twisted local democratic committee members into voting for him. I faced intense pressure into voting for him in an open vote. TWO state senators called me up .. they sent muffins to my house and .. Dire consequences were conjured up for the next year's town council election if Colleen Mahr won the race...

And now they have followed it up the at the Congressional primaries.. while I like Malinowski's resume .. I am seeing some of the ugliest politicking in my life.. Linda Webber was scuttled by her own cities committee president ( Who has corruption charges up the wazoo)... every grassroots activist I know is disgusted and feels used.

If the corrupt thugs think they can co-opt the movement to their benefit - fuck them.

The fight for the party line in the primaries is making me sick

There is real grass roots enthusiasm - but the infighting between various primary candidates to be under the democratic party line.

What the Democratic should do is what any marketer or statistical expert will tell you in under one minute. If you truly want to determine the will of the people - Then you need to FUCKING randomize the ballot.

No more party line bullshit - Have the candidates have appear in random order so any candidate can appear on any position within a ballot. Lots of people will vote for the first person in the list of candidates.

I dont think the Democratic put its thumb on the scale by endorsing anyone.

Fairness is something Democrats can get behind. Let's start with our primaries

just my $0.02
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